Growing Up In A Family Of Elected Officials And Public Employees Shaped My Admiration For Public Sector Professionals 

“Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz is not only a leading expert in the area of digital media and social media law, he is one of the most passionate instructors I have had the privilege to hear as well. I strongly recommend this expert social media liability training.” John Latty, Hall County Sheriff, GA 

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A Different Training Approach That Gives Your Employees New Skills To Create Safe Social Media Content.

A MASS MEDIA PERSPECTIVE:  Instead of viewing social media policies and employee training from the traditional employment law perspective, employees learn to view social media training and policy drafting from a digital media law perspective. Employees learn to navigate the inherent dangers of  social media; their content can reach millions and create a permanent footprint. The ultimate objective of the course, is to give employees peace of mind to create safe social media content without legal concerns.

You Opened My Eyes " You opened my eyes on issues we don't often think about." - Attorney Howard Maltz, Jacksonville, FL  

New "Red Flag" Warning System Identifies And Eliminates High Liability Speech

You learn a specialized speech filtering system that isn't taught anywhere else.

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In-House Attorneys Support My Programs Because They Don't Have 30 Years Specializing In Public Sector Digital Media Law

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Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz Discusses Why It's Critical To Have A Licensed Social Media Attorney Specialist Train Your Employees And Update Your Policy.