A New Training Approach That Gives Your Employees New Skills To Become Legally Safe Social Media Broadcasters And Publishers

A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:  Instead of viewing social media policies and employee training from the traditional employment law perspective, I view social media policy drafting and training from a digital media law perspective. You have a new pool of employee broadcasters with immense power to reach millions and create a permanent digital footprint without much oversight. To mitigate risk, It's critical that public employees receive expert social media liability training on what opinions, jokes, and political speech receive First Amendment protection.  

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Update Your Policy...

One of the biggest mistakes many public and private employers make, is not realizing that the U.S. Supreme Court now classifies social media as a "high liability" topic, not just a public relations issue. It's critical that you have a digital media law attorney update your social media policy and train employees.
In-house attorneys and HR are not 30 year digital media law experts, and that's why they use my online course to train all their employees. They also have me close hidden policy gaps created by the new federal standards.

In-House Attorneys Support My Programs Because They Aren't 30 Year Nationally Recognized Social Media Attorneys Who Have Trained Over 100,000 Employees... 

   "You opened my eyes on issues we don't often think about."  Attorney Howard Maltz, Jacksonville, FL