Nationally Recognized Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz Has Developed A Specialized Online Social Media Liability Course That Is Only $9 Per Person.  Employees Learn Career-Saving Expert Strategies Not Taught Anywhere Else.

 WARNING: Under new 1983 federal standards, social media is considered a "high risk" activity. Having a social media policy isn't enough, you must show proof that all employees received outside expert social media liability training. 


Group Cost: Only $9 per person and one time set-up fee of $297

Instructor: 30 Year Digital Media Law Attorney Specialist 

Course Length: 3 hour online self-study course

Course Access: 24/7 access on any device for one year

Online Delivery: No travel or overtime, go at your own pace

Wayne Fisher


"This course opened my eyes to the many avenues of liability that was different than I thought and have been taught in my nearly 30 year law enforcement career. I have made this training mandatory for all employees, both sworn and not, at the agency I am charged with leading. I cannot explain how eye-opening the training was and how grateful
I am that you offer this type of training."

Sheriff Shane Fisher, Wayne County, TN

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Jon Muir


“Mark, your social media liability course opened my eyes to the hidden liabilities that lies beneath the flashy façade of social media.. Until I participated in your course, I had no idea of the possible legal ramifications of simply liking a post or other hidden social media liability issues. I would highly recommend this course to every fire department across the country and other public sector agencies"

Steven Ford, Flower Mound Fire Dept. , TX 

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City Manager
Brian Crane


"Finding an expert like Mark Fiedelholtz, who was willing to tailor training for our employees, helped guide our employees on the liability and risks on social media. Our employees are better prepared thanks to Mark’s social media training."

Brian Crane, City Of Moberly, MO

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James Surrency


"Attorney Fiedelholtz is extremely knowledgeable . He presented the information in a thorough, detailed, yet easy to understand format. This is very important information that all school employees need to know."

Dr.James Surrency, Superintendent Putnam School District, FL 

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Nationwide List Of Recent Attendees


Over 30,000 public employees have taken my social media liability course. This is the most comprehensive and cost-effective social media liability course ever developed exclusively for public employees

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  Nationwide List Of Past (36 Years) Attendees


In the past 36 years, I have trained over 100,000 public employees. Attendees appreciate my  teaching ability,  easy-to-apply strategies, and passionate teaching style that protect their career and organization.

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In-House Attorneys Will Be The First To Tell You They Aren't 30 Year Nationally Recognized Digital Media Attorney Specialists And Can't Deliver My Type Of Expert Training To Their Employees.

99% out of 5,314 public employees who said their previous in-house training kept them updated, failed the two basic social media competency tests below. The average score was 13%.

Here's The Bottom Line

If Your Employees Can't Pass These Two Basic Social Media Law Competency Assessments,  Courts Hold Decision Makers Personally Liable For Failure To Train In A "High Liability" Area Where The Need For Specialized Training Was Obvious.

Employees Learn My New Proprietary "Red Flag" Warning System That Filters Out "High Liability" Speech

Based on 30 years of digital media law training and research in the public sector, employees learn an easy-to-apply system that identifies and eliminates high liability speech from posts, tweets, texts, and other digital media before they hit the SEND button. you have more to say and show? You can do it in this section. Add pictures and a short description to show visitors more of whatever it is you want.

Is Your Social Media Law Instructor A 30 Year Digital Media Attorney Specialist Like Me? If Not, You Are Putting Your Organization And Employees At Great Legal And Personal Risk.

The root cause of employee social media mistakes is superficial training by instructors who are not court qualified social media attorney specialists. Employees are left with dangerous knowledge gaps that leave them guessing wrong on what social media content is "Free Speech" and private.

Under New Federal Standards, It's Not Enough To Have A Social Media Policy. You Must Give All Employees Expert Social Media Liability Training.

Courts view social media as "inherently high risk" broadcasting platforms that can infringe upon a person's constitutional rights and permanently destroy their reputation worldwide. Therefore, under new federal 1983 Civil Rights training standards, you must prove that outside expert social media liability training was a mandatory part of your employee harassment and discrimination training.

Plaintiff Attorneys' Have Changed Strategies In Social Media Lawsuits, They Don't Just Sue The Organization, They Sue Decision Makers And Employees In Their "Indvidual Capacity" Under 42 U.S.C. 1983...

"Employees Pay Out Of Pocket
And Can Be Wiped Out Financially"

Deeper Explanation
: Courts now recognize the permanent reputational damage caused by harmful social media posts. They are  more open to adjudicating these statements as malicious, not accidental; this results in larger damage awards that can wipe out an employee's personal finances.

Questions? Call 954-748-7698

My $9 Per Person Expert Online Social  Media Liability Training Gives You Documented Proof That All Employees Received Expert Online Training.

Questions? Call 954-748-7698

“This class was a wakeup call and can save your career, your personal life, your agency, and your co-workers." - Kristian DeVito, Colts Neck Township Police, NJ 

When A 30 Year Nationally Recognized Digital Media Attorney, Who Is Passionate About Protecting Public Employees, Offers His Expert Online Course For $9 Per Person, It's A Gift You Should Take

"Your course on social media liability opened our eyes. The "Red Flag" strategies helped reduce our liability. When you first explained the value of your course, you weren't just selling, you genuinely cared about our employees. The costs are minimal, the rewards are great."

Chief Wayne Woods, City of Johnson, AK (2021)


In-House Attorneys, HR, And Other Government Employees Agree, My Online Social Media Liability Course Needs To Be Mandatory Training For All Employees.

“Mark, this was an excellent workshop; cleared up misunderstandings regarding digital media and explained hidden risks associated with sending, receiving and forwarding content.”

City Clerk, S.H.
Oakland Park, FL

"Anyone in the public sector needs to learn this new information. Even if you are already pretty careful with your social media presence, you will learn new information that protects your career."

Zohar Zaied, Public Safety Admin.
Mendocino County, CA

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