In-House Training Programs Are Customized For Both Public and Private Sector Employees

Objective: The ultimate objective is to protect your public image and mitigate your liability when employees use social media and smartphones. Our programs empower each employee to post comments and upload pictures without liability. More specifically, I will deliver hard-hitting information that reflects 30  years of advanced specialized media law training experience. The new skills they receive keep them legally safe throughout their career.

Our specialized strategies target hidden liabilities and nuances created by new federal and state social media speech laws. Courts consider employees using social media as broadcasters and have a higher standard of care when sending electronic messages. Our advanced specialized social media and smartphone liability training satisfies this  standard. What makes this program so different from other social media training, is that I focus on media law not labor law. You learn to navigate the hidden liabilities that others overlook.

I use my 30 years of media law training experience to make a connection with your employees and cut through the legal jargon. I use a live seminar or distant learning component and comprehensive follow-up materials (i.e. podcasts, webinars, and access to Attorney Fiedelholtz by email or periodic phone conferences for a year for questions), to give your employees career-saving skills for the rest of their career.

I give each employee access to expert media law training on their own schedule. They can use my online materials 24/7 to become educated on their own time at work or at home.  Additionally, each department can conduct their own in-house group training with my materials and use our e-mail and phone support program for any questions that arise.

How Is This Course Different from Your Previous Training?
- I'm not just an attorney, I'm a specialist in electronic media law;
- I'm not just an attorney, I'm a professional media law trainer;
- My strategies focus on media law, not labor law;
- Close hidden liabilities and loopholes in the new laws others overlook
- Create competent broadcasters, not rogue social media users

When you're determining your ROI, here are the factors you need to consider:
- The average social media related lawsuit is around $500,000+
- The value of an attorney on retainer for a year would be around $75,000+
- You are receiving 30 years of experience from one of the leading media attorneys
- An employee's mistake can cause long-term damage to your public image
- Social media posts and pictures are used to impeach your credibility in court
- Try telling a judge you can't afford an expert media attorney, but you can afford a $500.000 lawsuit

Option I: Comprehensive Social Media Live On-Site and Distant Learning Program (No Travel)
1) Includes writing or updating your social media policy
2) One hour phone conference on each policy
3) Live one day on-site training for supervisors, managers, department heads
4) Distant Learning Program for lower level employees
5) One year support from Attorney Fiedelholtz for questions by email or phone
6) Access to our facilitator page for webinars, teleseminars, case law, articles
7) Email alerts when warranted
Total cost depends on how many you want trained. Call 954-748-7698 for program price.

Option II: Social Media Distant Learning Program (No Travel)
1) Includes writing or updating your social media policy
2) One hour phone conference on each policy
3) Three months support from Attorney Fiedelholtz for questions by email or phone
4) All Employees can access the distant learning course 24/7
5) Email Q&A days where Attorney Fiedelholtz answers questions
Total Cost: Course license fee depends on size of the department. Call954-748-7698 for Program Price

Sample Distant Learning Outline
Course: How To Avoid Social Media Legal Risks
Benefits: No travel, no overtime, 24/7 employee access, proof in a legal claim you delivered expert training
Course Components:
Module I: General Introduction To Social Media Legal Risks (Webinar 1 hour 36 minutes)
Module II: How to identify what words, pictures, video are truly libelous (Includes my video, scenarios, case law)
Module III: Destroying the myths of what words, pictures, video, and opinions, jokes are “free speech” under new speech laws
Module IV: What is your true expectation of privacy under new Supreme Court, federal and Florida laws
Module V:  Learning the hidden liabilities of copyright to keep you safe and out of court
Question and Answer Sessions on specific day and times to answer questions
Price: The price of your license to use the program depends on how many employees you want to train.


Course I: How To Avoid Social Media Liability
Delivery System: Live Seminar or Online Distant Learning 

What You'll Learn:
• 5 Core Principles to Avoid Social Media Liability
• Hidden Public Record Liabilities You Must Know
• How To Differentiate Between Protected and Unprotected Opinions and Jokes
• New Invasion of Privacy Laws
• When Are You Vulnerable To Personal Liability Lawsuits
• How To Navigate The Hidden Liabilities Of Apps
• Understanding The Nuances Of The New Social Media Libel Laws
• Identifying Workplace Speech Not Protected Under The First Amendment
• New Legal Rulings on Text Messages That Will Change the Way You Text Others
• Extended Employer Liability Issues for Using Personal Devices Away from the Workplace
• The Hidden Traps of Personal Blogs
Includes Q&A Email Sessions and access to our knowledge page for one year.

Course II: How To Make Sure Your Smartphone and Personal Device Policy Holds Up In Court
Delivery System: Live Seminar or Online Distant Learning 

What You'll Learn:
• 4 key issues you must have on the first page of your personal device policy
• How to navigate the new laws impact texting
• Airtight policies on requesting public records from personal devices
• Legally smart policies on deleting personal device content
• Understanding nuances in the new text messages laws
• Avoiding the hidden liabilities of taking workplace related pictures off-duty
• New First Amendment Rules impacting personal devices
• Strategies to upload shoot and upload videos without liability
• New policies you must have on Smartwatches and wearables
• Remote Wipe Issues You Must Know
• New Rulings on Cloud Privacy Issues You Must Know
• Public Record Requests of Cloud File-Sharing Data
• Who Owns Work-Related Data on Private Cloud Accounts
• Strategies to Avoid Appearances You Are Hiding Public Information on the Cloud
• Cloud Data Security Issues You Must Address before Choosing a Vendor
• Understand State and Federal Data Protection Laws
• New Laws on Attorney Access to Cloud Data You Provide in a Lawsuit
* Includes Q&A Email Sessions and access to our knowledge page for one year.

Course III: How To Brand On Social Media Without Liability
Delivery System: Live Seminar or Online Distant Learning

• Understanding libel and slander in a marketing context
• The risks of reacting to online reviews
• A safe game-plan for third party user generated content
• Copyright law on pictures and video
• The legal risks of live-streaming
• Edgy marking without legal worries
• HD Drones: Curse or Blessing
* Includes Q&A Email Sessions and access to our knowledge page for one year.

Course IV: How to Avoid Liability from Social Media Background Investigations
Delivery System: LIve Seminar or Online Distant Learning

What You'll Learn
• New Laws on Asking Applicants or Existing Employees to Log-in to Their Personal Social Media Accounts While You Are in the Room
• How to Develop an Airtight Strategy to Ask Applicant's or Existing Employee's for Their Personal Social Media Pages without Liability
• Using a Facebook Friends List without Liability
• 3 Sentences You Must Have in the First Paragraph of Your Social Media Background Check and Internal Investigation Policy
• The Most Important Social Media Question You Need to Ask on a Polygraph Examination
• The Most Important Federal Law You Must Know That Controls Your Use of Social Media in Social Media Investigations
• How to Write a Social Media Background Check Consent Form
• 5 Most Common Social Media Screening Mistakes That Trigger Civil Rights Violations
* Includes Q&A Email Sessions and access to our knowledge page for one year.

Prices depend on the size of your organization. Call Attorney Fiedelholtz now at 877-670-9513 for price quotes. Below is information on our train-the-trainer programs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Attorney Fiedelholtz at 954-748-7698.